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 Chapter 4-----The youngs

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PostSubject: Chapter 4-----The youngs   Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:00 pm

Finding Sanctity Within The Darkness
The Young's
I woke several hours later during the mid-afternoon. I rolled over and sat up and began to put my shirt on. A sound had been ringing in my ears for the past five minutes. At first it was a small peck, which soon turned into a loud booming noise that repeated itself, and demanded all of my attention. I rose from my bed, still draggy and half asleep, and walked towards the noise that awoke me. Realizing the noise had been coming from the front door I immediatly looked out the front window and noticed Mr. and Mrs. Young huddled together awaiting my reply.

I slowly opened the door and looked at them both as they waved and smiled. Mr. young was about in his mid 40's and had a army cut hair style. It still seemed like he was still in the middle of a war. He wore a grey tank top that said "ARMY" in big capital letters and he had camoflauged pants and big brown boots. His wife Mrs. Young was in her early 40's it seemed and she was always real cheerful and easy going with the other neighbors around. She always wore some kind of skirt and a pinned up shirt. She had long brown hair that always seemed to pull you in like the waves of the ocean, and she had great big blue eyes, that were like diamonds.

"Hey Gary. Hey Lisa." I said politely
"Hello matt, nice weather aint it? I heard the sun's spose to come out today." Mr. Young said gruntingly.
"Would you like to come in and have a cup of coffee? I was just about ready to make some up." I said motioning in towards the house.
"Oh, no no. Well be fine, but thanks anyway. We wanted to stop by and see if Brittany wanted any of our homemade apple pie. Ya know, seeing how she just had the baby an all." Mrs. Young stated.
"Oh of course, that would be great, here let me set that on the table in here for you guys, brittany is asleep right now, but im sure I can go get her." I said politely.
"Its ok." Mr. Young pointed out. "We just stopped by to give you the pie, were thinkin bout going out an gettin some food here shortly. You can come if you like."
"That sounds wonderful, but im going to have to stay and watch the baby. Well catch up with you guys another time." I said smiling.
"Ok Matthew, take it easy, and well see you soon." Mrs. Young replied.

They walked off the porch stepping onto the wet grass and marched to their house which was next door to ours. I could hear them mumbling about what they were going to eat and how much they were going to spend. They were a good couple, one that would be very helpful in the future.

I turned back inside and shut the door. It was getting a bit chilly and I needed to let the pie sit for a while. I walked into the kitchen while I heard the innocent breath's of my beloved and child. I walked into the kitchen looking around for some type of wrap to cover the pie with. I fumbled around in the top drawers and looked underneath the kitchen sink and found nothing.

I continuosly went ravaging through the drawers that contained silver wear looking for some kind of wrap. Why couldnt I find it. I knew it was just here. As i continued searching i began to hear footsteps, and then scratching. My first thought, Brittany must be awake now, I must have waken her. But the more I began searching which turned into a wide long expedition of me exploring the kitchen and finding nothing, the louder the scratching noice became clear. It was as if someone had decided to dig their nails into the wall and peel away my freshly done paint. I couldnt stand it.

I began to sweat, uncontrollably now. My face began to turn a bright red color as if the sun had been shining on it all day. Was someone in my house? What is this god aweful scraping noise. It got even louder... The dog began barking outside. I spotted a roll of aluminum foil which was laying under the sink. The footsteps got louder.

"Brittany?" I called. There was no answer.
"Are you ok honey? Is something wrong?" Still there was no response.
I turned my back facing away from the hallway which lead into the bedroom. The footsteps seemed even closer than before now. And the scraping seemed to kill off alittle. I thought to myself, 'Dear god, oh god... im going to die arent I?'

I felt a slight touch on my shoulder and then a hard grasp. I jumped immediatly and screamed loudly. I turned to look. Was it the man from before? That I saw in the hospital? Or how about the creepy incident in the elevator? My mind started to go black, and then there was nothing. No sound no lights no picture. What happened? Where am I?

I could now depict a voice from all of the dark confusion.
"Matt..." It called
"Matt.." It rang for a second time
"Matthew speak to me." I recognized it. That had to be brittanys voice! But I thought she was a sleep? Why is she awake. I guess it doesnt matter now.
"Are you alright Matt?"
"Yes I think so. What happened?" I said to the voice very slowly.
"You fainted, I think I startled you a bit. Here, im going to try and help you up."

I stood up slowly as the picture faded back in and sight became apart of me once again.
Our character Matt is experiencing some pretty intense feelings after the youngs leave his house, and unknowing to him, who was that person whos footsteps he heard? Was that really his wife's?
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Chapter 4-----The youngs
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