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 Chapter 2-------The Second Comming

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PostSubject: Chapter 2-------The Second Comming   Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:18 am

Chapter by LordOfPoetry

Finding Sanctity Within The Darkness

The Second coming

I arrived back at the house after the long hours in the waiting room. My wife had been through labor, and now the baby was here. The doctor said she had to stay in the hospital over night, just for observation's you know? I had just driven my car through that rainy discusting mess in which was my neighborhood. As I drove by I slightly looked out the mirror a few times and would pass a car or two occasionally, but for the most part, the town seemed strangely quite. It was as if, there was'nt a sole in sight.

My head still seemed to be dizy and spinning while I continued onward. The houses became more clearer and familiar as I drove near the Young's house, they were an odd couple, always keeping to themselves, but it always seemed that Mr.Young had a slight smile on his face that could just light up a room. Next were the Martin's, Betty and Steve of course. They were quite a fun couple, I could remember growing up and going to late night parties with steve. Boy those were the good old days.

Coming upon the narrow bend, I found myself at my house. I told Brittany, my wife that is, that I would be back soon and I just had to stop by the house to get my things. She would be a nervous reck if I were gone too long, she'd think something bad would happen to me. I sighed with releif as the door to the house unlocked easily. I walked into my red bricked house with the door that loomed over me like gaurdians to a king's castle.

The house was untouched, and the rooms unscathed. Not a bit of micheavous, or foul play was at work here. I closed the door shut behind me and walked through the house, not minding the wet muddy tracks that i had left behind. Brittany surely would kill me now if I dont die of anxiousness, I thought to myself as I climbed the staircase and went into the bedroom. With each step up the stairs it felt as if, some magical force was pushing me back towards the bottom of the stair case. For each step that I took, it somehow, felt stronger, even my mind was beginning to panic.

Was I having a panic attack? Is there something wrong? No, im just being silly, brittany would tell me. Everythings fine, im ok. I continued up the hallway, dragging my feet ever so slowly. I blinked a few times, and yawned abit, I was getting quite tired. It was 3 a.m after all. I sat on the bed, with my fathers old, green, duflebag and began filling it with my socks shirts and pants. I even stuck my pillow in there, just in case the hospital's wasnt good of course.

As I was just finishing I began to sweat, and my heart began racing. The thoughts of panic began to set in again. My heart was beating at an un normal pace, I began to talk myself into it.
Im alright...
Im alright...

I told myself over and over again, but it just seemed like it was getting worse. What could I do, no, what would my mother say in this situation, or maybe my father. I sighed with releif as I looked up, and I began to shake with uncontrollable fits of anxiety and shock. As I looked up, I saw the most peculiar, and odd thing. I saw myself. Again. Was I not dreaming earlier today? Did I not nod off during the procedure?

No, I distinctly going for a refreshment, after the carriage was complete. So then, this could be real! What was it that frieghtened me so much? Was it because of the simple fact that there was another me right infront of myself? No, I think not. Or was it the fact, that this new being, had a different kind of aura, or a way he carried himself. It was'nt like me at all, infact, he was quite different.

He looked exactly like me, brown, long hair, medium, average built body, hazel eyes, chin strap that wrapped from ear to ear, and an ear ring in each ear. Yeah, that was me, that was totally me, but their were a few things different. He did stand at 5'10, the same as me, but seemed to always cock his head, or slant it, and it always seemed, that the shade, always caught his face, and I could never tell if he was laughing, or enraged.

The way his body was place, was as if it had some kind of serpantine figure, like a snakes body. It looked like he walked with an evil prescence, and he just stood there. Didn't move, didn't talk, and didnt even make a gesture. He just stood there, letting me know that he was there, and more real than ever.

"Who are you!" I demanded with a high tone that sounded almost frantic, but the man did not respond. "Why are you torchering me so? What have I ever done to you? Is this but not just a fairy tale? One can only dream of meeting himself like this!" I cried with much force.

I closed my eyes tightly shut, and i curled into a ball, feeling the sting of my tears dripping from my cold pale face. I slowly opened my eyes, and again, just like that, he was gone from me, and all that was left, was me in an empty room, with no one in it. Quickly I got my things, and got in my car. I turned on the car, and began to drive. My whole goal now, was to just drive, drive as far as I could. Just untill I could get my mind straight.

I arrived at the hospital in under 15 minutes, just in time too. I grabbed my bag and strapped it onto my side. I had a long day, and I was ready to see my baby girl, and her mommy, sleeping sound. I began to forget what had just happen as I walked into the elevator. I stood in it quitely as I heard myself hum the tone of the elevator, but as I quickly noticed, their was another person in the elevator besides myself. It was also not I who was humming that tune.

I turned around fast and there he was! His head tilting up with a smile, and a face that just said, "HELLO WORLD, NOW ITS YOUR TURN!" I began to press the number 4 button as fast as I could, and the elevator was only on 3. I could hear his laughing in my head get louder and louder as I frantically as I could. Oh god, im going to die, I cant get out of this, dear god, please save me.

And surely enough, he answered me, the elevator hit 5 and I began running out of the elevator and into the room where my newly found family were at. They had just fallen asleep, and I was having the worst panic attack of my life. I sat down quitely and began to rock back and forth, untill I fell asleep. I woke up several times that night, and fell asleep to the noise of new patients entering the floor, and so, It continued all throughout that night.


The character that we just find to escape the clutches of his evil twin, falls again to the same, sinister being. He flies through his house looking desperatly for his things while he is seen again by the mysterious guest. He quickly leaves, and drives back to the hospital, and spots again, the man he is so afraid of. Now he is sleeping and refreshing himself, but who is to say if he will see that man ever again?
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Chapter 2-------The Second Comming
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