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 Chapter 3----The Birth Of A New Day

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PostSubject: Chapter 3----The Birth Of A New Day   Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:57 pm

Finding Sanctity Within The Darkness
The Birth Of A New Day
"..Matt... Matt get up! Its 9:30. You gotta get up!"
I rustled around in the bed a bit and I let the warm sunrays reflect off of my worn face. It was a new day, and I was ready to get out of the hospital. Time sure does have a way of healing people, you just have to wait.

"Are the doctors ready for you to leave now?" I said very sleepily.
"Yes they are, and you need to get up so we can leave. I’m anxious to get the baby home". Brittany said enthusiastically.
"Alright, fine, I’m up, I’m up. Let me just get some pants on and we can be out of this miserable place."
"Miserable? Why would you call it that? I thought you were happy?" Brittany said, sounding concerned.
"I’m alright, Just needed some rest. How’s the baby doing?"
"She’s doing just fine Matt, now lets get out of here." She laughed softly.

Driving in the car with three people in it, was unearthly to me now. I never knew what it would be like to drive a family to our own home, knowing that I, out of all people, actually helped create some type of life form! This was better than any kind of party, or rejoicing. It felt like, like a great new beginning to things, and tat I didn’t have to worry about anything that happened in the past. It was jus me, Brittany, and our child.

The drive home was fairly easy, as Brittany held the baby, stroking her small head gently. She was beautiful, just as gorgeous as her mother, I thought while getting out on to the tan colored pavement which was my driveway. I couldn’t ask for a better time than this, right here, and right now. It was absolutely, the most wonderful thing I had ever seen.

I walked up the steps heading towards the wooden door. "Here we go, a new life that will breathe the air that we breathe. Are you sure you still want it?" I said teasingly. Brittany gave me a hard stare that just made me want to cry a little inside. That day, I learned not to even joke about those things, or else I would have one angry wife on me.

“Set her down in the her bed. She needs some sleep, after all, she has had a long day.” Brittany said looking down at Angel quite sweetly.
“She has her mothers eyes, you know. Ones that I wouldn’t trade for all the world. I love you Brittany.” A quick rush of adrenaline pulsed through my veins as I looked at my child, and realized how far we had come in our life.
“Brittany, if anything should ever happen to me, I want to let you know, that I love you.” I said with happiness.
“Why do you even say that Matthew? Is everything alright with you? You haven’t been acting normal since we got back from the hospital.”
“No I’m fine, its just I need some more rest, being up there took a lot out of me and I’m sure you could use some sleep yourself.” I said protesting.
“Yea, and that’s why I’m heading that way now.” Brittany said quietly.
“Ok, ill join you shortly. I have a few matters I need to attend to.”
“Alright sweetie, just don’t be too long ok?” She said tiredly. She walked into the bedroom and all was quiet again.
Yet again, I felt alone, and I felt the cool air from the wind through the cracks of the window brush up against my face. I closed my eyes and I let my mind run free through the open air. It was quite, and I was feeling at peace.
All is well, and things seem to be going smoothly for our characters. No traces of yesterdays events are known, but whats to say what will happen in the upcoming days? Or maybe even years?
Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4
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Chapter 3----The Birth Of A New Day
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