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 Chapter 1------ Falling Into Darkness I

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PostSubject: Chapter 1------ Falling Into Darkness I   Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:16 am

Chapter by LordOfPoetry

Finding Sanctity Within The Darkness

Falling into Darkness I

And thus it was so, my life had been spinning into the last spirling checkered black abyss that was layed out before me. It was like stepping into a pool of tar and not having the ablility to pull myself out. I felt... so lifeless. These hands, oh.. these weathered down hands. They too, betrayed me. Not the sun nor even the moon its self, gave me a reflection to call my own. How long has it been since i've felt this way? In human years, who knows, I lost count ages ago. Or, wait, what am I saying, Im human right? I havent changed at all, of course not.

Im still normal and unchanging right? Please say yes! I feel so different. Its like when you get your first car, you test drive it. Thats how i've been feeling for the past few years. Has someone been "test driving" my body? If so, who? My mind even seems like it has been fading these past few years, just, leaving me. You know what I mean right? Or do you even know what Im talking about?

I can see shadowy distorted walls, all around me, and many different emotions course through my veins as I walk down the shadowy hallway in with which My wife was located. It was our fifth anniversery, and she had just gone into labor, and having our child. I had to step out a minute, for you see, im feeling that slight pull on my mind. Kind of like, the game tug o' war, my concious is always fighting my opposite feelings, anguish and hate.

As I made my way back towards the sectioned off room where my love was baring our child, i noticed something very horrific. It was not a beast, and it was not a fantasy made character, nor angel alike. It was me. I whiped my eyes slowly, and I straightened up, but he, or I should say I, still stood there. It was like looking into an actual mirror and seeing yourself in it.

I closed my eyes softly. And I saw red pigmentations run across my eyeleds as I breathed heavily with force. I decided, I would count and then open my eyes. Would he still be there? What would happen if I still saw him? This cant be happening I thought. How can there be another me?

I counted:
And I opened my eyes wide, leting the light slightly blind me as my iris' refocused them selves to the lights. He was gone. He had vanished into thin air. Was it just me that saw this? Am I going completely insane? The immense rush of anxiety and stress poured over me like a waterfall. I began to panic, and to go into a frenzy which brought much attention.

What if, I wasnt seeing things? What if, their is an actual second version of myself? Will I ever see it again, and what is it capable of?


The unnamed character is in the hospital with his wife who is in labor. He is now in stress and peril as he recognizes the face of what could be his greatest foe. Himself!!
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Chapter 1------ Falling Into Darkness I
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