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 Chapter 5----------Many Faces

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PostSubject: Chapter 5----------Many Faces   Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:00 pm

Finding Sanctity Within The Darkness
Many Faces
It was that very day that I thought I could have actually died. Even the doctors said so. They told me that I had a seizure of some sorts. Ive never had one of them before. It was so new to me, I never heard of a person having a seizure because they were tapped on the shoulder. I pondered alittle longer then decided to get some air, so I walked out side onto my porch in which I had been still completing. My porch was still being paved. Its full of cement and is getting very big now.

"Matt, we need to go to the doctors again. Remember? Today is the day that they go in for the catscan. Are you ready to go?"
I looked up at Brittany as she slowly reached out her hand to pick me up off of the lawn chair.

In the car i noticed all of the flashing colors as we drove past the neighbor hood and into the main road. It was a long road trip to the physicians, but it had to be done. Just the thought of anything being wrong with my body made me crazy. The length of the drive seemed almost unintolerable, although in short, it was only 15 minutes to our destination.

Stepping into the doctor's office their was a long line of patients awaiting to be dealt with. By the length of it, it seemed like they were handing out waiting tickets. I began cursing mildly and making sad humor at the small fact that we had to wait.
"Mr.Hasson please come to the front." The nurse said over the intercome quite clearly.
"Name, birthdate, and social security please." She asked quite firmly.
I handed her my Id and my social security number quickly. She took it, stopped, looked at me and smiled. "Please have a seat, the doctor will be with you in a moment." She said sweetly.

I took my pick of seats respectively. The farthest one by itself, or, the one all the way in the corner of the room. I sat for fifthteen minutes looking around the room, seeing the pretty embroidered patterns they had on the walls of the waiting room. It was a patchwork design, that kind of resembled a blanket that was made up of many different peices of cloth put to gether.

I then heard a staggering to a door and then "Matt You may come in now, the doctor is ready to see you." The nurse said quite happily. I stepped through the doorway and followed the tall nurse down the lengthy hallway which had pictures of all the doctors and nurses that served their time in there. And under each doctors name it read, "Peach Tree Medical." It wasnt a well known office but it was good enough to get what needed to be done. I walked into a small room where the doctors could perform the catscan, it had white walls and a white ceiling, with a big white table in which they would perform the catscan with. Boy... didnt this just seem welcoming. Another run of the mill, offices. It was just like any other movie or book you would read that had a hospital in it.

The nurse welcomed me in and told me to sit on the metal bed like contraption. It was big enough for me and another person to fit inside of it. I sat down quitely and began to hum my dark little tune.
"Is this your first time being in this office sir?"
I kept humming.
"Have you ever had a catscan?" Said the nurse politely.
"Oh, no i havent. Ive never had one before."
"Well its nothing serious, all you have to do is lay down well get started." She said.

I layed my back on the big bed and soon after, it began to move towards a bright light. The nurse then told me to lay completely still and to not make any movements. I was now inside this device, well, my head was and the light continued to make my eyes twitch. As I continued to lay there, I dozed off and saw many images. There was one of brittany, and the baby, and then... There was one i couldnt make out.. It was very odd looking... Could it be? Yes.. It was myself, but i looked... different.. somehow.

I awoke to the voice of the nurse.
"Well looks like you dozed off for a second. Im surprized those lights didnt get to you." She laughed slightly.
"Oh, it was nothing really." I said, still in a haze.
"Well, if you would kindly stand up, we can finish this procedure.

I started to get up from the metal table, and noticed all of the tools and such about the room. It was truely amazing how technology has come thus far. I stood straight up, and faced the burnette woman who appeared to be around the hieght of 5 feet and 2 inches.

"If you follow me, ill take you to the waiting room, where you can make your departure." She said robotically.

As if this wasnt stranger enough, everything began to seem out of sorts. For one, I didnt even see the doctor or quite frankly, meeting anyone else in the room, that was in the medical field. Second, how did I dose off, and for how long was I out? Also, why is she speaking to me in such a manner? Oh well. I shrugged it off as I met Brittany and the baby in the waiting room.

"That will be all mister Hasson. We will follow up with you by a phone call, and we will notify you of the results." She said with great monotone.
"Thank you." I said walking out the electronic doors.

Some how it was raining by the time I got outside. It was no ordinary rain cloud either. It was pitch black. It was like God, himself was angry at us. I Started towards the driver's seat of the car.

"Ill drive this time darling." I said stepping into my vehicle. I turned the ignition a few times, and received no response what so ever.

"Blasted thing wont turn on. Hold on a minute, im goin to check underneath the hood."

I hopped out of the car and darted towards the front while being drinched in the tears of the sky. I opened the hood, and hooked it up. I checked the spark plugs, i checked the oil. I looked around a couple places, and saw no battery acid. It seemed to me that everything was in check... It must just be a dead battery.

Luckily, their was a man who had just pulled into the parking space next to me. He was kind enough to give me a jumpstart with out any problem at all. Before no time at all, we were back on the rode and heading towards are home. I still had much to do today, and it was only three thirty in the afternoon. I had a family party to go to, and i wasnt completely sure if I was up to making it or not. That was to be debated for when we arrived at our house.

Matt arrives at the hospital to recieve a catscan that could effect the rest of his life. After a few odd twists he leaves, and is stuck outside in a downpour without a jump. His day is already to a bad start, what will happen next?
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Chapter 5----------Many Faces
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