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 EnDz's GM Application

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PostSubject: EnDz's GM Application   Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:29 am

Name: John Christopher Pamittan

Age: 18

Location: Batangas, Philippines

Timezone: GMT+8

In game name: Endzo0, Endz

Past Experience: I used to play many kind of flyff for knowledge and I encounter many different things.

Why I want to become a GM: In my observations' many players are luck of knowledge in playing KFlyff so I want to help them. I want to assist them because I don't want to people to cry just for a help. I don't want those poor ones. I don't want lonely games so I could help them.

What would I change about KingFlyff if I could: As Yuriko said, it's almost perfect, the database, all about it. The thing i want to change is those I don't want Bad apples in the game. I want better security for the game for them tp not hack the game for their own sake to win this competition. I want to change the KingFlyff to more exciting game, the other maps, like darkon 3 is not use for plvl. I want the game to become more exciting for the players to like the game and play it.

How long have I played: I used to play Kingflyff 1 and half a year.

About me: Intelligent , helpful to others, honest and respectful to others even they are normal, some flyff games, the Gm's are not respecting the players play to their game. I am good in Flyff because I have many experience. I am Filipino, very obedience to my parents, I'm cute and simple. I don't want those elegant ones. I am a lover one. I am good communicator because I use english even I am a Filipino. I don't want other's cry because if I see them crying or lonely, I feel the same feeling like them.

Extra Informations: Even I have a lot of work to do. I can help other players for them to become a good Kingflyff player. I want them not cry but laugh of my good stories nor educated jokes about flyff. I don't want to become a bad apple because my promise as a good GM and my responsibility will be broken. I want events that are very funny and exciting to the players. I want to improve the game and many more. I am also an inviter to play Kingflyf. We are an owner of a Computer shop here, we made a poster of Kingflyff which show the good game and its advantages than others. Hehe maybe theyre more than 20 because they also share this game to their friends to play it
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EnDz's GM Application
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