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PostSubject: Join Dragonflyff   Thu May 27, 2010 3:46 pm


Players of Kingflyff



Are u tired of Kingflyff down all the time well u can join dragonflyff ur new home v14 owend and run by Light we also have a patcher

Why am i advertiseing

well i have seen there alot donators here that are being rip off

v15 is unstable meaning everything is open to all the hackers that would choice to hack death know this and he took the risk everyone has warned him

now back on the case about donators

well on kingflyff players donated for the server to stay online kingflyff can not provided that promised i have been monioring there down time and i have estimated of how much they make a month and that is totally unfair he is stealing the money and ur not even noticed it.

What is the differnts between Kingflyff and Dragonflyff

well us at Dragonflyff have fully mangement staff 24/7 to help you

we also have ingame Mangement team that has access to the server 24/7 to help with any problems that may happen what u waiting for we havnt had any down time because we act fast on all possible security check points.

i have also heard kingflyff is being wiped and donators wont get there items back

this under thing that is wrong u have donated to have special items and u wont be geting them when the server is wiped that is wrong!!!!!!!!

i have followed a llc report with this because is not registered business site is register business under full mangement by light

as many as u know light has tooken care of the server more then death has and that why u are having downtime he doesnt have winows server 2003 cerfied i am how ever cerefied in 2008 and 2003



now i know the reason why it down from my resources

Slenna msn my client Yesterday

She said she wont be here for the next month
So servers will be going down

Because she has RL issues
And cant manage the servers so she'll put em down
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PostSubject: Re: Join Dragonflyff   Fri Jul 09, 2010 9:16 pm

wtf is this shit
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Join Dragonflyff
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