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 Andrew's KF Game-Master Application.

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PostSubject: Andrew's KF Game-Master Application.   Wed May 26, 2010 5:28 pm

Name: Kyle (known as Andrew)

In Game Name: Maintain.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Reigon: Illinois, USA.

Time Zone: Central Time Zone.

Past Expierance: I've played many versions of FlyFF for about 6 years, but only about 2 months total of GM experience.

Why You Want To Be A GM: I'm a very knowledgeable player, I'm rather friendly to all gamers, quite the joker, but I am serious when matters call for it.

What Would You Change About KingFlyFF If You Could: I'de try to keep the server clear of hackers, lag, and spammers to increase over-all quality of the server, so gamers can have a more enjoyable game-play experience.

How long have you played: King, for about a year and a half now, maybe longer. FlyFF in general, about 6 years.

About you: I'm very laid back, I learn easily, I'm all about fun and fairness, and I'm all for enforcing rules and helping players out as much as I can.
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Andrew's KF Game-Master Application.
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