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 Alexog's GameMaster Application For KingFlyff

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PostSubject: Alexog's GameMaster Application For KingFlyff   Wed May 26, 2010 8:31 am

In Game Name: Alexogo, Alebjo

e-mail (msn) (u got me Death)

Location: Tårnåsen, Akershus, Norway

Time Zone: GMT +1

Langauge:Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Little german and English

Age: 14 soon 115

What You Can Do For The Server As A Game Master: I could make Kingflyff a better place to be and i would try to make some new features.
I will definitly add Protect to buff pang if I'm allowed cuz i think many people would like that ! Exclamation Exclamation
Why Should We Hire You?: I don't have so many arguments of why i should be gm but i think I'm quite mature and are capeble to handel situations on my own
And ive been playing kf for about a year now or more and that have been a good time except for some of the waiting. Another thing i want to do is to help fix problems and such things.

Active Time: I'm active from about 2-3PM (GMT +1) - 10-3AM (GMT+1)

Is Their Anything Else We Should Know About You?:
I'm a Donator if that counts and i have a dad thats working with computers so he could teach me some things about coding and programming. I like animals, learn very fast and are curious on everything.
I also know very many players in King Flyff
I once made my own Flyff Private server v 14 so I'm used to beeing a gm I also were GM on some boring servers before i came to KingFlyff

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PostSubject: Re: Alexog's GameMaster Application For KingFlyff   Wed May 26, 2010 12:35 pm

good app.
providing is all true..
which i have a feeling not all of it is completely honest.
i know for a fact you are 14 going on 15.
so lying about you age isnt going to help you out here alex.. lol.
GMT+1 is good.. i know how active you are, therefore i can approve you ability to help out all round the clock.
didnt know you were norwegian.. lol but hey you learn something new everyday!
lol you wont be able to actually edit the game.. thats down to me matt and selena.
but GM suggestions are taken into consideration a lot more than just anyone.
despite your age i know you can be very helpful, although sometimes a little annoying.
however i approve your application.
i will talk with matt about it.
but do not take this as a final yes. we have a few competitors just as good or better than yourself..
goodluck (:
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Alexog's GameMaster Application For KingFlyff
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