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 Tanajane's appication

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PostSubject: Tanajane's appication   Wed May 05, 2010 5:58 am

Kingflyff GM Application:Game moderator/Chat moderator

In Game Name:Tanajane (jane for short)


Time Zone:GMT+8

Langauge:English and filipino


What You Can Do For The Server As A Game Master:as a GM, all i can do for the server is to guide players in any various problems in game, and make the players have fun likes having some events, and also who can enforces the game rules,spammers, player killers, cheaters, and hackers. being a GM you must respect your players not to abuse your powers.

Why Should We Hire You?:You guys hire me basically ive been a quick minds, helpful, active, well determined and being a respect to both Gm/players. I will be cooperative and have strong imaginations in any decision that comes up in my mind.i played King flyff eversince i also experience wipe out here but its just one time cause of some are Gm rude in game but its okay cause Selena and friends are respected one.

Active Time:24/7 anytime just contact me at my msn, just say me ingame

Is Their Anything Else We Should Know About You?:Ive been playing official Philippines level up flyff in 5 years and played private server for 1 year. ive been a Gm /Cm in carbonflyff so i know the satisfaction of players but the owner CLosed ther server due to important matter.when i was GM there, i helped a lot o f players to maintain a good community on that server and i wanted also to support kingflyff as ive done there.
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Tanajane's appication
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