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 Sado` GM Application :3

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Location : Poland

PostSubject: Sado` GM Application :3   Wed May 05, 2010 12:43 am


Nothing for now o-o



Central Europe (Poland)

Time zone:
GMT + 01:00

Past experience:
I wasn't be GM before, but I think I know some codes etc.

Why you want to be GM?:
Because I like helping people, I'm patient when I must. Btw. for real i always wanted to be a GM. It's responsible task, which I intend to tackle. And I have much free time to use :3.

What would you do to help King FlyFF better and attract more people?:
I'll try to advertise the server on all forums that I'm. Besides i would like to help ''newbies'' with all their problems (ok, almost all :d). Helping peoples makes me feel good ^^.

What Would You Change About KingFlyFF If You Could:
The server is almost perfect. Sometimes some retards are trying to broke all our "happy family". So they need to be reclamation xD. I would help with making new cloaks (I mean they look).

How long have you played King?:
I'm playing KingFLyFF about 3/4 weeks, but i liked the server and staff. ^^

About me:
I'm 17 years old normal(?) girl from Poland. In free time I like to train my skill in GIMP (free graphic program). Computer graphic is my passion. Besides i love music, it's my second passion. My favorite band is Dir en Grey (but whatever :3). I want to get bass guitar. Sometimes i like to drawing too, but i can't really do that ^^' If i find some scans Ill paste my fail works here :d. What else? Hmmm... I'm confident, hard working,honest, I respect people that respect me.
King FlyFF staff improved me with their hard working and doing server better.
And i think it's all about me. If you want to know something more just ask. :3
I forgot :d I'm on the computer programming profile in my school. For now we are taking Pascal but later we will start ''fun'' C++. ^^

Extra information:
-I have a lot of free time that i can spend in game.
-Helping people makes me feel good.
-I'm computer graphic.
-My English is good (sic! xD)
-I know some commands.
And one of the most important thing:
-I'm patient (since yesterday x3)

Saki`peace ^^
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Age : 25
Location : England

PostSubject: Re: Sado` GM Application :3   Wed May 26, 2010 1:08 pm

good app.
decent length and detail.
however, everything you mention on there could be done even as a non GM.
perhaps if we see somemore community activity then you might get a yes from me.
by community activity, i mean actively helping people on xat or in game w/e is online.
your general activity is of a good standard, but i must say you do annoy me sometimes with constant pming.
your cape designs are nice, you are a definate yes for the developing..
perhaps if you dont get GM you could get dev, for cs sets that are ugly :p and whatever else you think could be a cooler colour or whatnot.
i believe im the current dev for KF. but im way busy with my own GFX, both for BG, RabidPyranha and also my own server. leaves me with little time to spend on king..
i will most defiately put you down for a spot as a dev. but for now i dont think i can accept you as a GM, as i dont see you helping out much as it is.
sorry, and better luck next time (:
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Sado` GM Application :3
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