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 KingFlyFF F.A.Q for Help.

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PostSubject: KingFlyFF F.A.Q for Help.   Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:41 am

1: I cannot connect to the server.
3 reasons why you cannot connect to the server

1. The server is down:
Alot of people do not know when the server is down and when it is up.
I'd highly suggest looking at: : It will tell you if the server
is up or down (Green Arrow Signifys it is up, A red arrow Signifys it is down.)

2. Wrong IP:
Sometimes, not often people forget to swap the IP in Nuez to connect to KingFlyFF.
To do this you must go into your KingFlyFF folder and look for ''Nuez'' (Nuez.ini)
and change the IP to, if that is your problem you shall be able to
connect, seeing that the server is up of course.

2 pictures to help you find Nuez.

If, for some reason you cannot change your IP, Download: and
paste the files into your Folder and then the IP will be changed.
The Loader.bat will also start kingflyff without resetting all of your options.

3. Wrong Client.
This is by far the most popular issue.
Okay, when you first come to KingFlyFF, you all have G-Potato Clients and
just put the KingFlyFF patcher in the E-FlyFF client. This will not work.
So, in order to play KingFlyFF you MUST download our client which you can
find at: : The link is ''Download The NEW
KingFlyFF Full Client V.14.'' It will take you to Megaupload, download the CLient
(726MB Download) Then you have to unpack the files, either with WinRar or
whatever you have, if you do not have something, I'd suggest using,
Install it and locate Kingflyff with the browse and click start and it will unpack KingFlyFF Once you have done that, then you can download the client and
paste it into your Client, then change the IP to
(Refer above on how to do so) And then double click on the patcher and it shall
bring up the Auto patcher Once it is done patching click ''Start'' and you shall
Start playing KingFlyFF, If you have not registered go to: :to register. That is all you need to play

Here are 2 pictures to help you understand what I mean.

2: My character can't Move or Talk help pls
If you're character cannot move or talk a GM has Muted||Frozen you, refer to for your character to be unmuted/unfrozen etc.

3: I want to donate but I don't know how
To Donate you have to talk to an Admin on What payment options there are
(PayPal is the most popular as far as I know) Once you have talked to an Admin
Go to the forum and click on the
''DONATE'' button.
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KingFlyFF F.A.Q for Help.
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