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 Chapter1----The One And Only

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PostSubject: Chapter1----The One And Only   Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:21 pm

It was a nice mid summer day. The wind was blowing softly, and trees were filled with life and joy. All of the flowers surrounding me were filled with color. The polon resenating from them was immense.
It was so strong in fact I could remember falling asleep smelling the honey suckles and tasting their sweet, sweet nector on my lips. It was mid morning, and it was time for my day to start.
Bryervahl, was such a small town but I loved living here, i lived here all of my life. Nineteen good wonderful years, and they never stop coming, with the exceptions of some grief.
Thats normal though.

I climbed out of my small house which I owned. It was not very large and it was not very big. It had a very glossy brown look to it. A look that if you looked long enough, you would see its true beauty.
The stone we used was a special kind of clay that we call Resinahl. It is a special fortified stone that has been wielded together by our town priests is what we call them, others say sorcerers, or magicians.
They are embewed with special jewels and spells to keep the house erect and strong. I had to giant olive trees next to my home. They appear to be thousands of years old, I forget how long my village says they were there.
I made my way out of the maze of traffic, weaving and bobbing through the villagers left and right, as if not to bump into them.

You see I am not your average person. I enjoy not taking things too seriously and I love joking around. Of course I do have loads of time where I take things seriously, dont get me wrong. I do have work I must do.
I am planning on becoming a warrior one day. I must be prepared. Our village is well known for our defences and protection that we offer. Their are times when I find myself wondering how long it must take to become strong in battle.
But, I always remember that it takes time and I do have someone who always good to go to looking for advice. She was the kind of person you could just tell by looking into her eyes she meant what she said.
Their wasnt a doubt in my mind about her knowledge being vast. She was very intelligent and swift. She was kin to the eleves. Some where in her line of blood, lied the Eleven.
She was not your regular person, for, she was a half breed. She was quick as any Elf was, and as cunning. She was also as strong and witty as a human. Her name was Roshya, which means Rose in our language.

Running up to Roshya I determined whether or not to start a conversation. My gut led me to beleive I should
"Hello Roshya. Today is a splendid morning to take on those nasty hauls. Dont you say think?"
Roshya responded. "In with which you mean, the creatures of the forest?"

Creatures that were deadly to other animals and beings but not to aggressive were named Hauls. We trained on them all the time and somehow I found it joyous to do so.
"Roshya lets get out of town and go and fight them already, your so slow!" I said eagerly.
"Not so fast Hyosha. Did you bring your blade and quiver?"
"Yes I did! Do you think I dont know how to fight anymore?" I said with eagerness.
"I know you too well. Then lets go."

Her speed was unimaginable. I couldnt help but not keep up. It got so bad I had to tell her to slow downk, for you see, the Elven kin are very nimble and known for their beauty.
We passed through the large stoney pillars that was our gate and out of our sun dried town and onto the dirt road that led us to our destination.
Our forest in with which we hunted, was named Yorgunsaw, or "The Forest Of The Young".
It is said that in the center their is a mighty tree that has thrived off of the land for thousands of years. I have not journyed that far yet.
We made our long run down the dirt path. Watching as the scenery passed us by, and remembering how beautiful it was.

Roshya held out her hand and motioned me to stop.
"Hold on for a minute Hyosha. Something has gone amiss up ahead." She whispered to me.

We moved slightly forward alittle more, the dust rose higher. Their was an unease about the path we had taken. We always take this path though. Everyone did.
"What do you think it is?" I said softly.
"I am not sure yet, but I can tell you it doesnt feel good." Roshya shuddered a moment then continued, "Hmm. Im not sure but I think its gone now. That was quite odd."
"Are you sure? Should we go back to the village?"
"No. We are fine, let us continue." She said clearly now.

We marched through the tall rough grass as their stalks rubbed up against my long pants. I straightened my hat and continued walking forward.
It was getting bright out. We slowed down and saw our destination. Their was a small Deer in which we would make our dinner.
I unsheathed my torn blade and darted towards the helpless Deer yet to have it flee from me.
I then went to my last resort, and pulled out my bow and strung an arrow from my quiver. It was time for my accuracy to be tested.]
I took aim, and my dexterity was not the best but I was fairly decent.
My bow made a sweeping sound as I pulled the arrow back and prepared to fire my arrow.
The arrow slipped out of my hand and darted towards the Deer only to miss it barely.

I quickly pulled out a second arrow and faster then before drew it and released.
The arrow wizzed through the air with miraculous speed and hit the Deer in the chest.
The arrow went so fast, that it actually pierced the animals chest about 8 inches deep.
We ran towards the Deer to look at our kill.
"Nicely done Hyosha. Very impressive." Roshya said.

We continued to hunt for what seemed like hours testing our skills and power. Roshya hunted more then me, but yet again she is and Elf of course.
Not that I am not a good hunter, just I am a born fighter.
Roshya made up for the skills that I lacked. That is why we are always side by side. And she was very intelligent. She always was...
I am a pure bred Letherben. Some of the most finest warriors are bred from us. Thus my love for war and destruction

The sun began to sink under the cloudy red skies and gave off a radiant warmth that you could feel deep inside you.
We headed to our outpost to share our kill with our friends and brethren.
We walked towards the campfire where Lightern and AshendrA

----To Be Finished------
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter1----The One And Only   Sun May 30, 2010 11:15 pm

that was horrible a monkey makes better story's then that
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Chapter1----The One And Only
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