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 [Official] BG Event Types.

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PostSubject: [Official] BG Event Types.   Thu Apr 01, 2010 10:46 pm

Hide and Seek/H&S
Gamemaster/Admin will give you their desired time to hide. You must hide within the time limitAim-To be the last person to get caught by the GM/Admin.
*No moving when hiding or you will get kicked.
*No Hacking
*No Glitching
*No telling where other people are. Written By :Rash
Last Man Standing/LMS
Gamemaster/Admin will try to kill you when the round starts in any given map.
Aim-Be the last person alive by doing whatever it takes except:
(Moving is allowed)


This event consists of two GM/Admins and participitants who will be placed in Team A or Team B. Goal is to get your GM/Admin from Point A to Point B before the other team does. Differing maps will be used for this obstacle event. This event takes a lot of teamwork, and strategic weapon usery (Rockets, Nades, Sprays, etc) If a GM/Admin is thrown off course, the team must start all over again from Point A. The differing obstacle courses will be introduced in game. The rules will be said only once in game as well.

No whining, if one of your team member decides to leave your team, doesn't matter. If a person decides to switch teams, their previous points are all lost (This is only in conditions when the teams are stacked).
Teams will be chosen by the GM/Admins, again no whining.

Simon Says

The individual who host the event must include the exact format "Name Says:" And a command that must be followed by the participants in order to not be eliminated.
It is a simple game, requires a bit of thinking but should be something that this server should get used to.
No whining, this game isn't always fair.
No excessive talking, others around you cant read the GM/Admin's commands.
Main map will be held in Town for Simon Says.


Gamemaster/Admin will choose the map, "CyberSports"
*All players should go to the race section.
*Do not go outside the fence.
Gamemaster/Admin will fire rockets at you, Your Aim is to be the last one alive by dodging them.

Made By: Criminal


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[Official] BG Event Types.
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