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 Void's GM Application.

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PostSubject: Void's GM Application.   Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:04 am


In Game Name [IGN]:




Time Zone:
GMT/UTC -04:30; Caracas

Past Experience:
My past experiences have varied from server to server. In relation to experience to the in game of eFlyff and the world of Flyff, I have been playing Flyff for about 6 years in total, having high experiences and skill in the game. As an experimenter, I have past experience of setting up my own Private servers, which are known to be Version 14. The main past experience is the fact that I am an Ex-GM of KingFlyff and are familiar with the in-game commands, information about the in-game world, how the game runs and how things work inside the game and more.

Why do I want to become a GM:
There are a variety of reasons to why I want to become a GM again. First of all, since the server is finally on a dedicated server, this means that more new players from eFlyff, or maybe even different private servers may like to join KingFlyff. As new people come, they are most probably in need of assistance. As a GM, I would give that assistance to any player in KingFlyff for they are now a member of the community, and to keep the in-game world running smoothly and that all people play fairly and friendly, for we are a community.

What would I change about KingFlyff if I could:
Well by the looks of the server and the specifications and also the coding of the in-game world, there's really nothing much more to add or change about KingFlyff. A change in the looks of the world could be a possible change, but I don’t really have much of a talent of design and editing >: To refer to the database, I would add v15 items for a whole new version of KingFlyff, and propose many other changes.

How long have I been playing Flyff:
I have been playing eFlyff for about 6 years, and KingFlyff for about 5 months.

About me:
Information about me.. I am an English and Spanish speaking person. In relation to assistance to others, those who cannot speak English but another language such as Spanish could get assistance from me. I am a person who is always active in-game, but other than that, I'm just an ordinary man who goes to university and goes to work, including being an addict to KingFlyff Smile I am one person who will become friendly to those who are new, or those who want to become friends with me. Getting along with new people around me is pretty easy, and also giving them tips in the game and such others o:

Extra information:
I am someone who is open minded, someone who can handle the responsibilities as a GM which are to care for the players in game, to make sure that all players are playing fairly, but mainly to give all the assistance that I can to those who are in need of help. For being a person who has an opposite time zone to others and other GM's, I will be online when others who are in need of help have no contact to a GM, which this can be seen as an advantage to others. By having GM powers if I were to be chosen, my powers will not become abused, but to make the server more fun in game. Such things that would be implemented by me include such unique events. Working with the GM crew again would be awesome, and also to meet new players and to work things out between them and I would too be awesome. Other than that, I enjoy the game as much as everyone else, but by choosing me, responsibilities will be taken care of, and my duties will be executed.
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PostSubject: Re: Void's GM Application.   Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:39 am

o: Void's running for GM again ~ yayyyy x3
iSay YES for Void to become GM again plis xP
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Void's GM Application.
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