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 Rules For Players And GM's

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PostSubject: Rules For Players And GM's   Thu Mar 11, 2010 12:17 am

Every Game Master (GM) in the King Flyff server has been granted the complete trust and authority to act according to the server rules as well as to his/her own judgment. Upon logging into our servers you duly agree to accept and submit to this authority and follow any GM instruction you receive.

What GMs can help you with

  • Stuck or bugged characters.

  • Harassment or any other inappropriate or offensive behavior from other players.

  • Technical support (inability log into an account or log in with a certain character)

  • Guidance for server events and the rewarding of prizes when event is over.

What you should NOT ask a GM for

  • Any kind of material benefits (money, items, levels)

  • Assistance during dungeons or any other assistance that would give you advantage against other player or mobs that doesn’t fit into “bug fixing” category

  • Teleporting players from one location to another, unless such is required to unstuck a player.
    Continuing violation of this rule will result in banning the offender.

What GMs are NOT allowed to do:

  • Comply with requests listed in point 2.

  • Use their abilities against a certain player or players

  • Use their abilities to help players from a certain Guild which would give them any advantage against players from the opposing Guilds.

  • Any rude behavior language towards other player

  • Using rude language in the common channels and announcements.

  • Applying disciplinary actions (warning, threat, kick, de-level, ban) when adequate reasons for that are absent

  • GMs may not join player guilds, except to temporarily test a guild-related bug.

  • GMs must keep their GM character name sacred. It should not be used for their play characters, or for anyone else's play characters. Naming a character after a GM can result in a rename! This includes names similar enough to cause confusion among players.

What you should know when you contact a GM

  • Offending or rude behavior towards our staff is followed by an immediate ban.

  • GMs may not always be available due to being occupied with other player’s problem or server support, therefore if you don’t get answered, do not keep harassing the GM, he will contact you when he finds to for it. In such cases, please wait.

  • The GMs are NOT a bug tracker. Please refer to them only in problems listed in point 1. Any issues other than those related to a certain character, which concern the server as a whole (like penya hacks, duping, stat stacking) please post in the "Bug Reports" forum specific to your server.

  • If you find yourself unsatisfied by a certain GM’s decision or would like to report abusive GM actions please contact the server administrators.

  • Any public appeals are not allowed and will be punished by further disciplinary actions.
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PostSubject: Re: Rules For Players And GM's   Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:29 am

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Rules For Players And GM's
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